Meet Anand

For Anand Patel, hard work, determination and community mean so much. Simply put, he would not be here today without them. Anand was born in midwest India, 150 miles southwest of Mumbai. At the age of 2, his family moved to the US to start a new life and create opportunities they didn’t have back at home.

Anand's parents went from housekeepers to eventually buying multiple local hotels, and ventured into other business opportunities. Anand followed in their footsteps, working his way up from a part time employee at a local GNC to now owning two stores. He was the only Democrat elected to the Bensalem School Board in 2015, and worked across the aisle to help our kids and families.

Committed to fostering opportunity, unity, and progress for OUR COMMUNITY.


Our Vision for Bensalem

As our State Representative, Anand will reject the culture wars that too often divide us and focus on delivering for local families and our community.

Quality Education

Anand will ensure every student and teacher has what they need to succeed in the classroom. He will vote for legislation thatmakes sure our schools receive their fair share of funding so every student can succeed.

Empowering Women

Anand will always stand up for a woman’s right to an abortion so she can make her own health care decisions. He will fight any politician trying to restrict our freedoms or endanger women's health.

Unionizing for Growth

Anand believes that Bensalem's economy should be locally owned and union built. He will fight to create good paying union jobs, make it easier to open and operate small businesses, and increase the minimum wage and healthcare benefits for all workers.

Keeping Bensalem Safe

As a dad and husband, Anand knows nothing is more important than keeping our community safe. He will stand with our first responders to ensure they have the tools, resources, training and funding they need to keep us safe.

Protecting Our Seniors

Anand knows how hard folks are working right now, and those most vulnerable should be getting more help. That's why he will fight for tax breaks for seniors and to ensure the folks at the top pay their fair share of taxes, just like the rest of us do.

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Anand is committed to bringing a new vision that makes us proud in Bensalem. He will be a key vote to ensure a woman's right to an abortion. Your donation will make the difference today!

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